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Established in 1980

With over 40 years’ experience, William Richards knows every aspect of the timber sash window industry. 

With a keen eye for heritage and a determination to innovate, we are always researching and developing traditional methods and modern hardware to enhance the practicality, efficiency and durability of our window care and manufacture services, whilst ensuring each desired period feature is retained.

Our Commitment

As a family run business we pride ourselves on two things: delivering a quality service and maintaining a reliable reputation. Every job is different and we always aim to develop an honest and open relationship with each and every one of our customers; we believe communication is the key to getting the job done right every time.

William Partridge

William Partridge


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    Sash Window Restoration & Repair Shrewsbury

    Discover our high-quality, new sash window installation service in Shrewsbury, with prices starting from £950.00.

    At William Richards, we manufacture all types of sash windows from Venetian to Georgian and Victorian and work with you to design the perfect double glazed sash window solution.

    Trusted Sash Window Installation in Shrewsbury

    With over 40 years of experience in the timber sash window industry, we’re able to offer high-quality new sash windows that combine a traditional aesthetic with modern manufacturing. Discover our affordable sash windows with slim double glazing for a streamlined yet durable finish, offering both insulation and security.

    As a family-run business, we prioritise an open and honest relationship with our sash window customers and believe communication is the key to a successful installation project. Our team of sash window specialists in Shrewsbury understand that each installation project is different, and work with you to create the perfect design and ensure the result not only works efficiently but compliments the period features of your Shrewsbury property.

    What makes our new sash windows the best?

    In-house Bespoke Design Process

    Our new sash window installation service from William Richards includes a truly bespoke in-house design process. Our experts appreciate every installation project is different and can accommodate any shape, style or size of sash window for your Shrewsbury home or business.

    Reliable Manufacturing Method

    Utilising both traditional techniques and modern equipment means we’re able to construct stunning and elegant sash windows that will also stand the test of time. Our manufacturing team only uses hand-picked, high-quality timber with no knots or imperfections for a perfect finish.

    Range of Double-Glazing Options

    At WRSW, we offer a wide range of double-glazing options, including slim and heritage, insulating and acoustic double-glazed units to meet your desired specifications. As well as the best new sash windows, we also offer cost-effective and flexible sash window solutions and can provide and install new double glazed sashes into an existing frame.

    A Stunning Sash Window Finish

    Our modern paints are both eco-friendly, sustainable and durable for a stunning finish. Depending on your preference and budget, each sash window receives a full spay-applied undercoat and a top coat of paint in a colour of your choice. Request our brochure or provide us with a sample for a flawless colour match.

    Can you install new sash windows in a listed building?

    At WRSW, we ensure that all of our installation work adheres to building regulations. The rules regarding installing new sash windows in a listed building can be complex, and you may require permission from the local authority. However, our sash windows experts can  provide advice and help you in your correspondence.

    To find out more about our professional sash window installation service in Shrewsbury, call WRSW on 0800 054 9683 or email, and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What Advantages Do Sash Windows Offer?
    As well as looking great, the properties of sash windows mean that they’re perfect for controlling aeration and the flow of air in your home. These windows are incredibly secure, meaning you’re always protected, even if you prefer to leave the window open.
    How Do You Restore My Sash Windows?
    With years of experience, we use our skills and knowledge to restore tired windows. We start by carefully dismantling the beading before inspecting the frame and sashes. All broken and rotten materials are removed before we service the pulleys, hardware, and cards. The sashes are weighed and balanced before the frames are primed. Once all of these is done, we re-hang the sashes and re-apply the beading. Everything is tested before we leave.
    Can I Replace the Windows of a Listed Property?
    The rules around listed properties can be complex, but we’re here to provide the best help and advice to our customers. Usually, you need permission from the local authority to replace windows in listed buildings and we can help you in your correspondence with them. Get in touch now if you need this kind of assistance.
    What Is CAD Drawing?
    Computer-Aided Design (CAD) drawing is a process in which everything we’re going to do is generated and displayed electronically first. This allows you to see the potential results of our work before we start. As well as reducing errors, it also helps to find the perfect solution for a project.
    How Long Does Window Installation Take?
    This depends on what needs to be done. If you need permission from a local authority and particular windows, then the timeframe will be longer than standard sash window installation or a residential property. When you first arrange a project with our team, we’ll endeavor to provide an accurate timescale for you.
    What are the payment terms that are offered?

    We require a 30% deposit on the conformation of your order to get you fully booked in. Then depending on the number of repairs/ new windows you require, we may devise a payment schedule comprised of different stage payments, this is made up of equal payments to cover work as we go along. This is paid when you are happy with the work completed in that stage. 

    What is the lead time on my new windows?

    After we get you fully booked in, we do our best to start your work within 6-8 weeks depending on our availability. 

    What is included in the price of a window restoration?
    • Labour
    • New staff and parting bead with insulating brush and seal installed
    • New nylon woven cord attached
    • Rebalance of the lower and top sash
    • Removal of all excess and lose putty 
    • All new beading spray primed and undercoated 
    • Disposal of existing beading and cord
    Are your new sash windows fully compliant with building regulations?

    Yes, we work closely with architects and surveyors and building control to ensure all our work is compliant with building regulations.

    Do you paint the windows?

    We do, all our new sash windows will come standard with a 4-stage spray coated in Sikkens to match any finish/colour required. For your restored windows, we can arrange our trusted decorators to follow behind our fitters to conduct a full decoration of your windows.

    Can you match my existing sash windows?

    Yes, at William Richards Sash Windows we understand the importance of preserving the original aesthetic of your property. Therefore, we can design and manufacture new windows to perfectly match the original windows with our modern technology. 

    Do you have your own fitters?

    Yes, we have a hand-picked team of specialist sash window experts, to ensure you get the best finish possible

    Can I replace my uPVC with timber ones?

    Yes, we can take out your old plastic windows and replace them with some new timber sash windows or casement windows made entirely to fit the style of your home. 

    I live in a conservation area/ listed building, can you help me?

    Yes, we will produce your technical drawings, heritage report and block pans for your listed building consent application and answer any queries along the way to give you the best chance of gaining approval for your new sash windows.

    What types of sash windows do you manufacture?

    We manufacture all types of sash windows, from Venetian to Georgian to Victorian. You just have to decide on a design that works for you.

    What area do you cover?

    We work from as far north as Manchester down to London and everywhere between

    Will I need to be in the house whilst the work is being carried out?

    It entirely the decision of the customer, we do not require you to be there for our team of professionals can carry out the work they need to. 

    Do you have references from previous customers?

    We have a selection of great reviews and references from our past customers both on our website, Trustpilot and our social media platforms.